Nice and eye heartiness. Nice eyes - eye service.


Bruises and circles. However to remove bruises and circles

Bruises and circles under the skin eyes - unfortunately, a common issue women. Causes bruising and circles under the eyes of a lot of - this is a problem with the kidneys, lack of sleep, fatigue, improper apply of cosmetics, etc. However to remove some of the bruises and the circles under your eyes? In stores presently offers much of cosmetics to a facial skin around the eyes. You can as well apply home remedies and against bruises and circles under the skin eyes...

Care about tired skin eyes drop items, exercise and nutrition

We live in a big cities, full of different kinds of radiation: At work we keep a computer at home - and even televisions. With all this, our eyes get tired, you become red, irritated.

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Lip leaving. Lip care products. Problems and illnesses lips


Lip care - an influential component of a overall leaving of the face and body. Lips is the most beautiful part of the female body for men, and why be lips should accordingly. Problems and illnesses lips are common, how that treatment of disease states quite clearly in each case...

How to make great lips: a secret seductive lips

Many men 1st draw striving on a woman 18 years old's lips, and thus, they need be expressive, delicate and prettily. Lips need attract the eye without words, mesmerizing men. A secret to great lips seductively - in the proper maintenance of them. To make your lips more expressive, we...

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A apply of face masks. Applying covers


But before we impose a cover to well clean out skin. Particularly effectual cover so peel, of the a steam bath or hot compress. Use the mask to a massage lines.

Facial skin mask may be applied with a brushing, sponge, brush, cotton swab or fingertips. All this should be immaculately clean out.

Following that, to achieve a greater effect is desirable to cover a face with warm gauze or aluminum foil.

Cleansing, anti-inflammatory, astringent and clay covers, and masks that contain good fruit, vegetables and cereals, oily face bath off with lukewarm water (with a cotton swab). To fix the effect in a aqua, you can add lemon juice or red apple cider vinegar (a teaspoonful in a glass of h2o). Gerls with rule to dry skin is complete to use in this case, a infusion of herbs, weak milk, milk, soup hips, salted cold-blooded boiled h2o.

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Skin Care of the summer: over-desiccated skin, pigmentation, weak vessels


Face service after the summer... In the beginning of autumn sun is yet bright, so do not forget about the protective cosmetics for face with SPF filter: 15. Chocolate-brown spots no color. Most likely, you did not use the perezagorali sufficient protection with UV rays. A problem of weak vessels familiar to a lot of women...

Mix type of facial skin. Caring for a mix (combined) face

You enjoy a mixed type of skin? So, I think you should read this article to the end.

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Tools skin lifting surface of the face


Much often gerls are how-called means of good lifting surface, forming a thin film on the skin. Thus, a face is stretched, and the contour of a facial skin is aligned - for a short time. Such funds are called cosmetic manufacturers with an immediate effect, and for a while you do a face younger and more great, you are convenient to apply however a rapid means - for example, when you have to attend about great event or soiree.

This film may stay per day or some hours, and then washed off with create-up - it is clear that this is more masking a question than a solution.

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Moisturizing and nourishing. Day and night creams


Lack of water in a aging body ages the skin, reducing its elasticity, promotes wrinkles. How after cleaning the skin to moisturize. There are particular moisturizers, skin covering an invisible protective layer. The basic purpose of a day serum - moisturizing a skin and keeping a evaporation of its own moisture...

Take upkeep of face in winter: accurately ablution, opt the means to care and salon treatment

Our face, adapting to varied weather conditions, changes its basic affinity. With cold weather and reduced daylight reduces a production of sebum. Dry skin is moderately oily, ordinary close to dry, dry becomes highly dry and sensitive.

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Masks for sensitive skin


Peeling skin will soften a cover of boiled potatoes. It want be boiled in your skins small murphy, peeled and crushed. When a potatoes will be slightly warm, it need be imposed on a person for 15 minutes and then washing off - all highly simple. You can add to this the potatoes 1 tbsp natural milk and 1 teaspoon olive butter - this cover will be more nutritious, and does the face soft. Mashed potatoes can be mixed with raw chicken egg TWO tbsp mashed potatoes and boiled egg - this cover properly nourishes and moisturizes a facial skin.

Approximately gerls may not wash out with soap and water - a skin is so sensitive, and even sparing a foams and gels can cause irritation. In such cases, can help potatoes paste, added to water for wash.

Potato starch (1 tsp) must stir in polish cold-blooded h2o (1 tablespoon) for as long however a homogeneous mixing.

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